Pyramid Skylights

These units have different benefits because any size area can be covered. Instillation can be between a garage and house, any two roofs in and around the house, on a concrete slab opening, or any opening in the roof. Free standing units or units joining onto the house are very successful and popular. These units can be fitted in or onto any type of roof.

Construction Method:
- Construction in steel (polyurethane coated), or timber (painted or varnished).
- 6.38mm P.V.B laminated safety glass.
- Glass choice is important to reduce heat, glare and U.V. Glass can reduce heat by 75% and U.V by 100%.
- Ventilation is important to reduce heat over large areas.
- Condensation outlets at base of frame (if needed). Moisture can pass through the frame (especially important in spa’s, bathrooms, atriums and enclosed pool areas)
- Glass overhang with aluminium edging is important if the vertical glass or wall joins the glass roof, thus reducing stain marks.
- Structural glazing tape and structural silicone are used to secure and seal glass.
- Acrylic silicone applied between frame and wall (close hairline gaps) to complete internal finishing- flexible to prevent future hairline cracks.
- Screws and fixing bolts (covered by plastic caps)