Sloped Glazed Skylights

This unit will apply where this type of unit is needed. Ventilation or windows can be designed to fit unit.

Construction Method:
- Construction in steel (polyurethane coated), or timber (painted or varnished).
- 6.38mm P.V.B laminated safety glass.
- Glass choice is important to reduce heat, glare and U.V. Glass can reduce heat by 75% and U.V by 100%.
- Ventilation is important to reduce heat over large areas.
- Condensation outlets at base of frame (if needed). Moisture can pass through the frame (especially important in spa’s, bathrooms, atriums and enclosed pool areas)
- Glass overhang with aluminium edging is important if the vertical glass or wall joins the glass roof, thus reducing stain marks.
- Structural glazing tape and structural silicone are used to secure and seal glass.
- Acrylic silicone applied between frame and wall (close hairline gaps) to complete internal finishing- flexible to prevent future hairline cracks.
- Screws and fixing bolts (covered by plastic caps)